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Community & Environment

PEC is built on the old coal storage ground from the decommissioned Hearn Plant (next door). During construction, and in the first few years of operation, a great amount of research was done to clean, cap and reforest this area. After consulting with the Community Ecological Committee (CEC), we partnered with the University of Guelph’s environmental studies department to develop the pits and mounds planting area which is largely planted with indigenous species that promote pollinators and support local habitats. We see a large number of migratory birds and butterflies here, as well as small mammals such as beavers, possums, and voles.

This reforested area has been named the Pollinator Garden by PEC staff, we have created mulched walking trails throughout and a number of quiet sitting areas. All photos featured on this site have been taken by employees over the years. We have identified 28 different bird species to date.

PEC houses 8 bee hives within the Pollinator Garden, they are maintained by local beekeeper Brian Hamlin. The bees are able to pollinate about a 5km radius, so they support the health of Tommy Thompson Park, the spit and the community gardens along Leslie.

The grounds are only open to the public one day per year for our annual open house during Doors Open Toronto (last Saturday of May), we encourage you to come and see the beautiful Pollinator Garden!

PEC sponsors many local sports team and charitable organizations within our community.

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