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Joint Health & Safety Committee

The PEC committee meets monthly and actively participates in the review and resolution of reported hazards, incidents and safety observations. This staff led team encourages participation from all employees in promoting a healthy and safe working environment.

Brian Inget, Mechanical Technician, Co-Chair

Sarah Kinsie, Facility Administrator, Co-Chair

Herb Grasser, Mechanical Technician

Fred Berrie, Health & Safety Coordinator, Secretary

Pradip Shukla, Shift Engineer

Tom Woodward, Energy Manager

Don Tiffney, Operations Manager

Community Ecological Committee (CEC)

The CEC was established during the construction phase to ensure transparency and open communication between PEC, the neighbourhood and interested parties. Meeting quarterly, this committee reviews operational and environmental initiatives and provides guidance, input and feedback. Please contact us if you are interested in participating, or receiving meeting minutes or updates.

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