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Health & Safety

Portlands Energy Centre has implemented a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environment Management System (HSEMS) that was built with input from the Joint Health & Safety Committee using  the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) Safety Groups Program. The HSEMS includes 17 elements that govern the facility to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding all standards, regulations and laws. 

The PEC HSEMS encompasses 17 elements

1. Management Commitment

2. Health & Safety Policy Statement

3. Legal Requirements

4. Health & Safety Objectives

5. Roles and Responsibilities for All Workplace Parties

6. Joint Health & Safety Committee

7. Hazard Recognition & Assessment

8. Preventive Measures and Hazard Controls

9. Procurement and Contractor Safety

10. Return to Work Program

11. Emergency Management Program

12. Documentation and Records Management

13. Communication System

14. Competency and Training

15. System Evaluation (Annual Internal Audit)

16. Management Review and Continuous Improvement Plan

17. Environmental Compliance

Annually, PEC partners with Toronto Fire Services (TFS) to conduct an emergency drill that tests our emergency response system. Employees and Fire Fighters both find value in this exercise as they put their knowledge to the test.

During scheduled maintenance outages, our Contractors are made aware of potential hazards though a detailed Site Specific Safety Plan.

PEC values the safety of its employees, contractors and community, and maintains a focus on safety in daily operations.

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