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Operations & Facility

PEC is a 550 MW combined cycle power generating station. We are proud to produce safe, clean, efficient and reliable electricity to the City of Toronto and Ontario.

PEC uses natural gas to run two gas turbines (that are like large jet engines), and utilizes the exhaust energy to create steam. We recover and use this steam from waste heat in a steam turbine generator which then is able to produce additional power. Lake water is used to condense the steam turbine. We return the cooling water to the lake and only treat the water to remove e-coli. This process assists with reducing e-coli in the harbour during substantial rain events in the city.

PEC has the ability to produce about a quarter of downtown Toronto’s electricity needs or enough energy to power roughly 500,000 homes and PEC is a reliable source of energy for the city due to our location especially during extreme weather such as ice and wind storms, or heat advisories. PEC in fact operated to provide reliable electricity supplies to Toronto during the ice storm in April 2018.

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