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Community & Environment

Located in the Port Lands industrial area of east downtown Toronto, PEC sits on 12 hectares of land, utilizes lake water for cooling, and is home to 8+ honeybee hives within the Pollinator Garden.

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Operations & Facility

PEC is a 550 MW combined cycle power generating station. Using natural gas to run two gas turbine generators and steam from waste heat to run a steam turbine generator we are proud to produce safe, clean, efficient and reliable electricity to the City of Toronto and Ontario.

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Health & Safety

As an industry leader in Health and Safety, PEC ensures the safety of its employees and community through a comprehensive health, safety and environment program that meets or exceeds regulations and provincial standards.



PEC is a state-of-the-art combined cycle generating plant. PEC is fueled by natural gas, one of the most efficient and cleanest fuels for generating electricity. PEC operates primarily during peak demand periods and when there are constraints on the transmission system currently supplying Toronto.

During operation, PEC has a “high efficiency factor”. This means that it will maximize its production of electricity from every unit of fuel used. The station’s high efficiency factor translates into lower fuel usage and, as a result, lowers emissions. Through its use of a combined cycle process, PEC improves its efficiency. In a simple cycle plant, natural gas is burned in a gas turbine to generate electricity. In a combined cycles plant, the waste heat from the gas turbine is used to provide steam to a steam turbine to produce additional electricity.

PEC is a large facility run by a small staff, and is considered a "stand alone" facility, meaning that we manage all operations, maintenance, commercial, office and administrative tasks onsite. We are a limited partnership between TransCanada and Ontario Power Generation, and are governed by a Board of Directors that represents our parent organizations.

PEC is unique in structure, with all equipment housed indoors. Not only does this protect the employees and equipment from extreme weather and environmental conditions, it also reduced noise in our surrounding area. PEC's close proximity to down town Toronto makes it an essential part of the Ontario electrical grid. 



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Employment Opportunity Notice!

PEC’s co-owner Ontario Power Generation is establishing a new business venture - Atura Power, and are looking for a Financial Controller and a Procurement Specialist to be based out of Milton. 

Postings Expire March 27, 2020.

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