Facility Description

PEC is a state-of-the-art combined cycle capable generating plant. PEC is fuelled by natural gas, one of the most efficient and cleanest fuels for generating electricity. PEC operates primarily during peak demand periods and when there are constraints on the transmission system currently supplying Toronto.

During operation, PEC has a “high efficiency factor”. This means that it will maximize its production of electricity from every unit of fuel used. The station’s high efficiency factor translates into lower fuel usage and, as a result, lowers emissions. Through its use of combined cycle process, PEC improves its efficiency. In a combined cycle power plant, natural gas is burned to produce two sources (or cycles) of energy.

Cycle 1 – The Gas Turbine. Natural gas is piped into the plant and combusted to turn a gas turbine. This produces the first cycle of energy.

Cycle 2 – The Steam Turbine. The heat created by burning gas is captured to produce steam which turns a steam turbine, producing the second cycle of energy.

Adding a second cycle increases the amount of energy produced by a given amount of natural gas. Subsequently, there are fewer emissions per unit of energy produced. A modern combined cycle plant such as PEC runs at a 56 per cent efficiency rating compared to conventional simple cycle plants which run at a 35 per cent efficiency.


The Site

The Portlands Energy Centre is situated on 12 hectares. 11 of these hectares are landscaped and consistent with Lake Ontario Park’s vision to regenerate the industrial Port lands area. Our comprehensive landscape plan has incorporated more than 3,000 indigenous trees and shrubs.