Joint Health, Safety & Environment Committee (JHSEC) Members

  • Brian Inget, Mechanical Technician, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Kinsie, Facility Administrator, Co-Chair
  • Konstantin Khan, Shift Engineer
  • Herb Grasser, Mechanical Technician
  • Fred Berrie, Health & Safety Coordinator, Secretary
  • Pradip Shukla, Shift Engineer
  • Tom Woodward, Energy Manager
  • Alistair Boileau, Operations Manager


The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that one worker and one management representative of every Joint Health and Safety Committee be trained in the fundamentals of health and safety. Furthermore, both members must be trained in workplace-specific hazards. Portlands Energy Centre requires that all Members be certified. Through a 5 day training course provided by the Health & Safety Association (IHSA), each one of our JHSEC members have been certified.

Our committee meets monthly and actively participates in the review and resolution of reported hazards, incident investigations and/or safety observations. This staff led team encourages participation from all employees in promoting a healthy and safe working environment.