Portlands Energy Centre (PEC) is actively committed to being as ecologically sustainable as possible through multiple initiatives and restoration efforts.

In 2011, PEC began implementing an ecological sustainability strategy to improve its ecological footprint, provide benefit across the Port Lands area, and ensure that the ecological activities of others are synchronized with its sustainability initiatives.

PEC’s vision is to create a positive impact on land, air and water – for Life.  Current initiatives include:

Air Initiatives

  • Regularly monitoring air emissions, which consistently meet or do better than Ministry of the Environment (MOE) requirements. (In 2010, PEC contributed to less than one per cent of all the greenhouse gases across Ontario, while supplying 25 per cent of Toronto’s electricity.)[1] Our natural gas does
    not originate from fracking.
  • Working with South Riverdale Air Quality Study data, being developed by the Toronto Environmental Office, Toronto Public Health and Golder Consultants.
  • Supporting the City of Toronto’s Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF).

Water Initiatives

  • Working with the City of Toronto and Ministry of Environment on chlorination program to reduce E. coli in water from city sources that usually enters The Turning Basin untreated (impacting the Outer Harbour and Cherry Beach).
  • Monitoring water quality and E. coli annually (with EcoMetrix Incorporated); 4-year extensive analysis of
    E. coli and implementation of a specialized mitigation plan in 2011.
  • Implemented water intake design that minimizes risk to fish in our waterways.

[1] Ministry of the Environment, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Omissions Report, 2010.