Although located on a former brownfield site, the Portlands Energy Centre (PEC) is actively committed to being as ecologically sustainable as possible through multiple initiatives and restoration efforts.

In 2011, PEC began implementing an ecological sustainability strategy to improve its ecological footprint, provide benefit across the Port Lands area, and ensure that the ecological activities of others are synchronized with its sustainability initiatives.

Through the guidance of many surveys, academic projects, community suggestions and the creative mind of Graham “The Guerilla” Gardener, PEC has implemented many reforestation and planting initiatives.


Current initiatives include:

Land Initiatives

  • Planting several thousand indigenous trees, plants and shrubs.
  • Annual plantings and monitoring of growth and health of existing shrubs, trees and flowers.
  • Implementing a demonstration project to profile the potential of Pit and Mound restoration, as rehabilitation for gravel-based sites.
  • Creating habitat to allow native and migratory wildlife to prosper in grasslands and marshlands.
  • Caring for eight large honey bee hives to pollinate the 12 hectares of land at the plant, as well as the Leslie Street community garden, Tommy Thompson Park, Cherry Beach, and surrounding areas.
  • Sponsoring university and college environmental/sustainability research projects and collaborating with academics/researchers to plan a sustainable ecosystem on and around PEC’s site.