The New Community Ecological Committee Is Growing And Needs Your Help

PEC is committed to its vision: Create a positive impact on land, air, and water – for Life. To set the path toward this vision, PEC developed an ecological sustainability strategy designed to improve its ecological footprint, provide benefits across the Port Lands area, and synchronize its sustainability initiatives with those of our community.

The Community Ecological Committee (CEC) is a non-political, volunteer advisory committee of like-minded members from the neighbourhood, nearby organizations, post-secondary institutions, sustainability/environmental non-government organizations, government agencies and community groups.

The plant’s mandate is to collaborate with its community and inform the community about its ecological sustainability strategy. The CEC liaises with our plant’s management and provides advice, feedback, and implementation support on key topics, including:

  • PEC’s plans and strategies to improve the plant’s ecological footprint, become more sustainable and implement ecological improvements
  • Facility operations, monitoring, and impact management plans
  • PEC’s plans and operations in the context of the evolving City of Toronto, Waterfront Toronto, and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority plans for the Port Lands and vicinity
  • Community outreach and engagement

To foster fresh insights that advance our ecological strategy and enhance quality of life across the GTA, we are currently looking for members of the community, academic institutions, or the environmental sector to join the CEC. Members are responsible for these roles:

  • Provide guidance on improving PEC’s ecological footprint and enhancing its environmental performance
  • Comment and contribute to PEC’s community engagement or ecological initiatives.
  • Learn about PEC’s ongoing operations

To learn more, please review the Terms of Reference. If you are interested, download and submit the Application form below.

Community Liaison Committee

In 2006, PEC’s Community Liaison Committee (CLC) was formed. Its goal was to provide input and recommendations to the Portlands Energy Centre; the input and recommendations covered key aspects of facility construction and operations. The CLC was made up entirely of community volunteers, and they devoted a lot of time and effort to this valuable part of our community outreach. To ensure ongoing discussion between PEC management and the broader community about facility design and operations, the CLC met more than 30 times in the following years.

Ecological Sustainability Committee

In 2011, the Ecological Sustainability Committee (ESC) was formed from a group of volunteers. The ESC’s focus was on implementing PEC’s ecological sustainability strategy to improve its ecological footprint. The ESC met quaterly to govern these environmental initiatives.

Merging Two Volunteer Committees

In 2012 and 2013, both of PEC’s volunteer committees, the CLC and the ESC, participated in a series of combined meetings. This resulted in interactive, productive discussions and feedback to the plant; the discussion covered a mix of operational, community and ecological matters. After consulting with members of both committees, PEC made a decision in late 2013 that a combined committee would best meet the needs of volunteer committee members and PEC management. The newly merged committee, called the Community Ecological Committee (CEC), was formed in 2014. Its goal is to provide an ongoing mechanism for interactive dialogue between PEC management, community members, academics, researchers, agency advisors and others – for 2014 and beyond.

Records and documents from PEC’s committees are posted below.